Dolls and Dresses @ Zulily

 Good news girls! Zulily is now selling Dollie and Me clothes for 50% off!!! I saw this cute blue furry jacket and it’s perfect for MIA and Me this winter! I can’t wait to receive it soon!

Blue Faux Fur Jacket & Doll Jacket – Girls

$9.99 $18.00


If you’re looking for this kind please click ZULILY found in my sidebar. Thanks!

My American Doll

Meet Miya – My first ever American Doll. I got it from my grand mother on my 8th birthday.

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Dollie and Me Deals Today @ Zulily!

My Mom is browsing again at Zulily…I saw these irresistable dolls and clothes but mom said, one doll is enough so I can take care of her and only her. But since mom is window shopping online, I also stayed and enjoyed looking at these dolls. Aren’t they beautiful? Click the picture to see other options.
I wish mom bought me and my doll some new clothes!! ;D
Strawberry Blonde Ruffle Jacket Doll


Brown-Haired Denim Jacket Doll
Red Skirted Leggings Set & Doll Outfit – Girls

Dresses at Eden

It’s really nice to look at a woman who wears formal attire. Much more if she wears a simple yet elegant type of dress. There are a lot of dresses sold in the market nowadays and even through online. With that, if you find dress to be one of the perfect gift ideas for your loved ones like sister or mom, truly that will never be the hardest stuff to shop.
Shopping for dresses is really easy these days. It can be done anytime, anywhere even through online. However, when it comes to fitting and sizing, shopping online is not a good idea at all as per some people’s thoughts. But then, not really all provides problems in sizing thing. Like for instance, edenfantasys, one of the online brands known for skin care and other stuffs which are perfect gift for those older than us like for our parents.
Meanwhile, in edenfantasys there are different kinds of products to choose for. If you are looking for gift ideas to give for your big brother or dad, you can get it in there. And if you are looking for a gift to give to your mom, then you can get some out of there too! Indeed, no wonder why edenfantasys is trending these days when it comes to those older than us needs.

New Year Sale

Welcome 2013! It’s another year to face. But it doesn’t mean happiness stops. Everyone, behold! As New Year starts, edenfantasys offers The New Year Sale and Clearancethis first month! Almost 1000s of items are in sale and definitely, those who missed out of giving gifts to their girlfriends, boyfriends or even partners, I bet you… this is the time for you to shop and give them what they missed last year!
Wide selections of products are available for him and her. Aside from that, great savings and big discounts brought to you by the shop! From products good for him down to all the stuffs she needs, indeed, edenfantasys is the best place to shop for especially during this month. In case you find it hard to choose what to give, you can buy some gift cards that come in 4 denominations ($25, 50, 75 and 100) which you can give instead.
It’s not just good for gift giving to others; it’s also perfect for you too! Makeups, body care products, clothing and a lot more are available for you as well. There are perfumes which you could give a try. If not, you send as a gift to your friends or loved ones. What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity before it ends!

Fragrance Gift Idea at Eden

The idea of giving gifts every Christmas has been practiced by most of the people across the world. With that, a lot of companies do offer big discounts and even include gift surprise whenever we meet the minimum purchase they have on their promotions.
These days, it’s not that difficult on where to buy gifts and at the same time… what to give to our colleagues and loved ones since there are plenty of stuffs available anywhere. However, that depends on the person you wish to send a gift.
Good thing, fragrances never go out of style. Since some branded perfumes are common already to give, then trying other or let’s just say new to hear brands would be unique idea to consider such as EdenFantasys. There are varieties of perfumes and body mist can be chose. Either for men or women, all are available. It’s not just perfect for gift giving but as well, perfect for personal use too! Great big discounts as much as 70% off are offered too for customers this month.
What more to look for, if there are ideas to consider? It’s just a matter of thinking outside the box though. And as well, through searching too!

Halloween Discount

Did you have fun celebrating halloween? Trick or Treating and wearing your favorite costumes for the year?  For sure, most of you do or maybe some didn’t participate due to some reasons or maybe due to no time. Some people are too busy to celebrate halloween, no time to attend parties or no time to prepare for their costumes. Well, even though you didn’t have the chance to celebrate it, Eden Fantasys is stil here to  give you a chance to celebrate it through with there ongoing promotions! It’s never too late, we can always spend halloween party before thanksgiving!

Wonder how could it be? Then, here it is! Everyone (those who enjoyed and even those who haven’t) could enjoy the 20% off in all orders they will make at Eden Shop until November 2, 2012 using the code: SPOOKY20!

Do you have costumes for Halloween event in your place? If not, then it’s perfect that you could also avail the promotions (20% off) Eden has prepared for you! So if you haven’t prepared one or perhaps, choose to stay at home and award yourself instead with gifts for this Halloween, then… Eden is the best place to visit!

You could also get a chance to win in their on-going giveaway! Check their site for more details. Happy belated Halloween!



Trick or Treat Costume

Yay! Few weeks to go and it is Halloween time. Well, most probably where are you going to do your trick or treat? Perhaps, most of you preferred to do it near your place while some of you attend some Halloween events. As of the moment I have three schedule now. One in our school, one in my after school care and one with our friends.
There are plenty of events for that day for sure; thence, you should come up with a cute and different Halloween costumes . Choosing a costume is a hard task, I myseld don’t know what to choose among what I already have. Well, no need for you to worry in case you haven’t prepared yours because for sure, you’re not alone. Some of you, perhaps still thinking on what to wear or who to copy but nevertheless, if you plan to buy instead of creating you can check out some sites online such as eden fantasys to offer and so much more. You can even check out costume shops near your place. For sure, there are varieties to choose from. Just make sure everything is prepared a week before the day comes. Enjoy and advance Happy Halloween!

Comfortable Place to Stay

Want to visit a place yet no have idea on where to stay? Probably, that is what mostly everyone is concerned of. Good thing that there are sites that provides details on the places to stay whenever you go somewhere. Just like going to Jamaica. There could be lot of places to stay in there yet, it’s still the best to have ones those

have good feedbacks and accommodates well their visitors. Just like Garden Inn & Suites has to offer to tourists.  They feature luxurious place and other amenities where everyone would surely love to stay. So, why search for more? If all you ever wanted to have in a place to stay is already here.  Experience this luxurious place in Jamaica, book here now!

Shopping with Great Discount

One of the best parts in shopping is the moment that everyone could avail a great discount and so get a chance to bring home freebies! Of course, everyone loves free stuffs and so discounts as well. My mommy loves to shop online but only for sale items. She got me a lot of stuff online that are so nice and affordable. Mostly she loves to shop for my clothes, shoes and most importantly dolls and some other toys. She seldom shop for her self unless it’s really really cheap and within her budget.
Fortunately, Eden Fantasys comes up with the idea of launching a clearance day together with Labor Day! With that, everyone could avail a great savings up to 70% on selected products at–1790–5-1 on Eden’s Labor Day Clearance! Mom loves the items in this site. She already had some fragrances, make up and lipsticks from there and she got it all for a very low prices. I asked her if I can get one of the lip gloss too unfortunately it’s not for kids. Mom and I usually shares a bunch of stuff, clips, lipgloss and fragrances. I can’t wait to share shoes with her coz I love some of her shoes too!